Recent Projects

Here are a few of my most recent projects
Vital Roots website homepage featuring CBD gummy bears and product packaging, with a headline: "Rooted in Health, Powered by CBD." Text highlights commitment to premium, all-natural CBD products for wellness.

Vital Roots

A portfolio showcasing the website design for a medical clinic.

Vitality Spa - Coral Springs



If you ever been in an accident, been divorced or needed an attorney before, you know how important it is to have the right protection in place. FINN Law offers legal protection for every one of their clients.

FINN’s color palette is mostly blues, so I wanted to offset that with white and greys as much as possible, which helps the colors shine without being overwhelming.

This entire website was developed in WordPress and is maintained by me. I also handle FINN’s SEO, which we just started, and are already seeing amazing results from.

A website design for a law firm specializing in Web Design and SEO in Coral Springs and New York City.
A professional website design for a law firm offering exceptional Web Design in New York City.


Earlier this year, the law firm Summit Law got a rebrand on it’s marketing assets and needed a website to match.  After listening to the presentation, I just knew I had to go above and beyond for this website.

They wanted something totally new, fresh and innovative. Something that reflected the energy of their brand.

So here’s what I did, I found a way to create a site that was cutting edge and unforgettable – a place where you’d want to hang out (if you’re not a lawyer).

I built this website in WordPress and SUMMIT LAW has seen an increase in client satisfaction, with clients sayings it’s even easier to find what they’re looking for on the site.

Needs Nest

If you ever tried to hire a special needs provider such as a caregiver, virtual program or doctor? If so, you know that the choices are hard to find.

It was very important from the start that the new website needed to be as user-friendly as possible, while possesing the same processing speed as Google.

Some of the features I built into this site was rating and reviews for providers, a dashboard for parents to bookmark their favorite providers, and the ability to find new providers in their local area.

This site was designed in Figma and then built out on WordPress.
Web Design in Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale

TuneTown Music Store

TuneTown approached me with a problem. Their current website was hard to use, it wasn’t user friendly, and they had no way of tracking their users. I completed redesigned and built out a new website for them that is more user friendly, and shows what the store has to offer.

They needed a place to sell their guitars, lessons, and other gear. This site was custom build on WordPress using WooCommerce as the cart system.

Since the build out, they have seen a 210% increase in sales, have sold more guitars and lessons, and the customers love that they can shop from home, or book a lesson from their couch.

Goldberg, Lee, Price & Moore

Goldberg, Lee, Price & Moore (GLPM) approached me with a common issue: they weren’t getting leads from their site visitors.

We decided it would be best to re-design their entire site instead of just “sprucing” up the homepage. GLPM knew that the issue ran deep into the site, and I re-designed their site for conversion rate optimization.

With offering a free consultation, and a quiz for users to take, they saw a massive increase in not just leads, but qualified warm leads. Google Analytics showed a 167% increase in site traffic as well.
lawyer website design in coral springs
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