Vital Roots

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Client Background

These tasty, chewable treats provide a precise and consistent dosage, making it easy to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Made with natural ingredients and infused with high-quality CBD, VitalRoots CBD gummies are a delicious and effective option for those seeking to enhance their health and vitality.
Grow Happiness, Cultivate Wellness with VitalRoots. Your Source for Premium CBD Solutions

Project Overview

I crafted a user-focused website architecture that ensured easy navigation and prominently showcased their extensive range of CBD products.

The website’s design was a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and functional usability, creating an engaging and intuitive user experience. I employed a clean and professional design language, seamlessly integrating high-quality images and videos to effectively showcase their completed products and capabilities.

Each visual element was carefully chosen to enhance the site’s appeal, from the crisp imagery to the dynamic videos that bring their products to life. The color scheme and typography were meticulously selected to align with Vital Roots’ new brand guidelines, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious representation of their brand identity. This thoughtful approach resulted in a visually striking and highly functional website that accurately reflects the company’s standards and vision.

Logo of Vital Roots featuring a stylized cannabis leaf inside a circle, with the text “Vital Roots” below. The background has a pattern of variously shaped, colorful gummies.
A computer screen displays a website page with the text "Rooted in Health, Powered by CBD" and images of CBD gummy bear packaging. A keyboard and mouse are placed in front of the monitor.
Vital Roots website homepage featuring CBD gummy bears and product packaging, with a headline: "Rooted in Health, Powered by CBD." Text highlights commitment to premium, all-natural CBD products for wellness.
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