Responsive website design in 2020

Why Is It Important To Have A Responsive Website?

Before we jump into why it’s important to have a responsive website, let’s first talk about what “responsive” means.

A responsive website has a fluid and flexible layout so that it can take the size of almost any device. Think of iPads, iPhones, etc. Being able to customize the experience for each device is powerful for marketing, site optimization, and gives you a better chance at converting a user into a customer.

What device do you have on you 90% of the time? Just like you probably have a phone on you, your current and potential customers also browse the web on their phones. In 2020, it’s projected that 18.5+ million users will browse the web with their phones (which includes your site).

User experience is one of the most important aspects of a website today. Making the user’s visit a smooth experience is crucial. Imagine having to view an entire desktop-sized website on your phone? As you can imagine, it’s not great. That’s why having a user-optimized experience is important… now more than ever. The better experience the user has, the more likely they will become your customer.

Now that we covered the user experience, what about Google?
We know Google is huge (over 5.7 billion searches daily) and they basically make the rules when it comes to SEO. If your site is not responsive, your site will not do as well in terms of search results. That means your competition, who has a fully optimized responsive website, will rank before you and ultimately, steal your customers.

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