How Anxiety Lead Me to Web Design

I’ve always had anxiety. What began as an innocent feeling of stress soon turned into severe anxiety that prevented me from enjoying my everyday life. As it progressed, I couldn’t receive a formal education and spent many days at home alone, watching videos on the Internet. I was forced to stay in my room and turned to computers for comfort.

I had the need and desire to live, learn and work, but my anxiety made that impossible for me.

I turned my computer into a tool instead of something that just separated me from the world. I kept myself occupied with learning lots of things – graphic design, coding, video editing and even marketing. I devoured every book, article, and podcast I possibly could. I was fortunate to build many websites during that time and landed some freelance jobs which allowed me to get my name out there and start making connections in the industry. I collaborated with amazing teams of people and started to build my personal brand, working on many dynamic and exciting projects.

This is my story. I wear it with pride. It has led me down an extraordinary path, which now allows me to run a successful business while helping you with yours.

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